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No strategy for email and content? You're missing customers

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Facts on email marketing:

  • Email marketing returns on average $36 for every $1 spent
  • 4.3 Billion people use email every day (including your customers)
  • Email converts 40% higher than social media
  • 4,400% return on email marketing vs 200% with advertising

Email is the clear champ when it comes to acquiring new customers, building long-lasting relationships with those customer and increasing sales.

And email is by far the most cost-effective method of growing and sustaining customers and sales. It's the one marketing asset you truly own.

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Tool #2 - Content Marketing:

  • 82% of businesses use content marketing
  • 3X as many leads as outbound marketing
  • 62% more cost-effective than outbound efforts
  • 70% of people trust content over advertising

Content marketing achieves three important objectives:

#1 - It gets your business found in the search engines, generating traffic, leads and sales.

#2 - It builds massive "authority" and trust for your business with customers.

#3 - It's a highly cost-effective, "evergreen" method communicating to your current and potential customers.

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The Power of Two

  • Combine a smart email and content marketing strategy for powerful, cost-effective growth.
  • Use proven techniques and tools to create customer engagement and new sales.
  • Learn email content tricks that coax readers to open, read and respond.
  • Build sales funnels that turn prospects into repeat customers.

Email marketing and content marketing are a dynamic combination. When you combine the right messages with a proven delivery channel, you've got a secret weapon that works every time.

It's an advantage you're competitors most likely aren't using. And if they are, they probably aren't doing it well.

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We help small business thrive

We focus on the two most cost-effective and useful marketing functions. 1) helping you build thriving, growing customer lists and 2) generating online content that drives search engine traffic to your business.

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The $ is in the list

We'll show you how to create a dynamic and growing customer list AND how to intelligently use it to get new sales and strengthen relationships with current customers.

Content Marketing For Permanent Growth

Unlike advertising, content marketing is an investment that pays you back forever. We'll create a tailored strategy for your business that brings in new customers from the search engines.

Tools and Technolgogies designed to move your business

We're always on the search for cost-effective software tools and other technolgies designed to help you acquire and keep new customers. Read reviews and recommendations for the best small-business marketing tools.

We've been working with The Word Alliance for a couple of years now. Big growth, big change in our marketing strategy. As a local service business, we just didn't realize how valuable our email list could be. Now, we're able to get new offers directly in front of our customers whenever we want.

Darren Watts

Owner, Steamatic

We're a local arts and crafts store, and The Word Alliance has helped us develop a really effective content marketing strategy. We're in a really competitive market, and the strategy they developed have helped us systmatically take over value search traffic, driving many more customers to our business.

Jenny Haltom

Marketing Director, Sew and Sew

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Theo Brayan


Focus on what matters!

Cost-effective, long-term growth for your business is our #1 priority

We focus on the two most important marketing functions for small business, customer email list building and content marketing.

  • We help you get more customers onto your list and into your sales pipeline
  • Training for simple-to-execute, highly effective sales funnels.
  • Complete content strategy with step-by-step plan to win the search ranking game in your market
  • Cost-effective, highly action-oriented training modules to get you up and running quickly
  • Reviews on the best software marketing tools

A customer email list can explode your business.

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